New Patients

Windsor Medical Centre is happy to welcome new patients.

New patients wishing to register with the practice will be asked to provide two forms of identification, one including an up to date photograph. They will then be asked to complete a form. All new patients are invited to attend a health check with practice nurse.

All patients have a named GP who is responsible for patients’ overall care at the practice, they should contact the practice if they wish to know who this is.

All new patients are welcome, but if we are unable to accept you then a reason will be given.

Practice Area

Catchment Area


It is important that you fully understand the implications of any medication or procedure offered to you or your child as part of your medical treatment. The doctor or nurse will try to explain any possible risks or side effects. You will on occasion be asked to sign a consent form, particularly if it involves injection or minor surgery.  


If you need an examination you can request a chaperone at the time of booking the appointment, alternatively, the Doctor may request one if they think it is needed.   

If you do not understand the treatment being offered to you or are concerned about possible adverse effects, please make this clear during the consultation.