New Patient

New Patient

Windsor Medical Centre is happy to welcome NEW PATIENTS

How to Register as a Patient

New patients wishing to register with the practice will be asked to provide two forms of identification, one including an up to date photograph. They will then be asked to complete a form. All new patients are invited to attend a health check with practice nurse.

All patients have a named GP who is responsible for patients' overall care at the practice, they should contact the practice if they wish to know who this is.

All new patients are welcome, but if we are unable to accept you then a reason will be given.


It is important that you fully understand the implications of any medication or procedure offered to you or your child as part of your medical treatment. The doctor or nurse will try to explain any possible risks or side effects.  You will on occasion be asked to sign a consent form, particularly if it involves an injection or minor surgery.  


If you need an examination you can request a chaperone at the time of booking the appointment, alternatively the Doctor may request one if they think it is needed.   

If you do not understand the treatment being offered to you or are concerned about possible adverse effects, please make this clear during the consultation.

Patient Information

Data Protection/Confidentiality

All surgery staff are aware of the need to respect patient confidentiality and any breach of this will automatically result in disciplinary action. Anonymised data may be shared with researches or Primary Care Trust staff on occasions. Patients have the right to view any medical records concerning themselves. If you wish to see any part of your medical records please contact the staff who will advise you of the arrangements.

Please remember our staff are following instructions and procedures specified by the doctor. They will serve you best if treated with respect and courtesy.

Violent/Abusive Patients

Any abuse either verbal or physical towards any member of staff will not be tolerated and will result in immediate removal from the register of patients.  You will be notified in writing and a copy of the letter will be forwarded to the Primary Care Trust.

Make the Most of our Services

Read the posters in surgery.

Make sure you know the opening times of the surgery.

Find out how to arrange home visits, repeat prescriptions and urgent appointments.

You may not need to see a doctor, ask what services a nurse can provide.

Take a relative or friend with you if necessary.

Tell the receptionist if you need more time to speak to the doctor, she may be able to arrange this.

Think twice before making an appointment. Do you really need to see a doctor? Have you tried simple home treatments. Find out how your practice deals with complaints.

How to Obtain a Repeat Prescription

If you are taking regular medication it might not be necessary for you to see the doctor every time you need a further prescription.  Your doctor will give you a repeat prescription slip. This will enable you to get a further prescription either by handing in your slip at the surgery or by posting it to the surgery. If you wish to have your prescription returned by post please remember to let us have a stamped, addressed envelope.

Please allow 48 hours for your request to be dealt with and signed by the doctor.

We can send your repeat prescription to your local nominated pharmacy. 

Prescription requests will not be taken over the telephone as errors are more likely to occur and also it prevents the exchange of more important calls being dealt with.

To request a repeat prescription using our on-line service click here.

If you want to register to use our on-line services you need to come to reception in person with something that proves your identity such as a bank card, utility bill, passport or drivers licence.  You will be given a user name and password and then will be able to use our on-line services.

Test Results

Patients records are confidential and therefore test results will only be given to the patient themselves or their legal guardian. Once test results have been seen by doctor, our receptionists are authorised to advise the patient if they are normal or if a further appointment is  necessary. For results please contact the surgery after 2:00pm.

Test samples for the hospital must be handed in to reception before 1:00pm Monday to Friday.